Biden is Messing Up So Badly, The Liberal ACLU Just Put Out a Statement Saying he is Failing Overseas in Afghanistan and at Our Borders

As we have been comprehensively reporting since last night and throughout today, President Joe Biden is failing on many fronts. It seems that Biden’s cowering to the extreme radical left is even too much for the liberal ACLU.

We honestly never thought we’d see this day, but here we are. The Americans for Civil Liberties Union is coming out AGAINST the Democrat President of the United States. Yes, against. You read that 100% right. We don’t agree with everything in the below tweet, as we don’t believe the United States should take in more refugees.

So let’s get that out of the way before we delve into the obvious elephant in the room. After the ridiculous disaster at the Southern U.S. border where both Biden and Harris have failed to meaningfully protect our nation, and now the failed pullout of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, it seems the nation is turning on Mr. Biden. Many may still support him, but we would venture to guess his support is falling to an all-time low.

The ACLU, yes, we double-checked to see if it had a blue check and wasn’t an imposter, just said “The Biden administration is failing at the fundamentally important task of humanitarian protection, both overseas and at our borders”.

Yes, you read that right. The Biden Border Crisis has actually gotten so bad that even the ACLU had to say something about it. Hell could be freezing over for all we know, but we aren’t able to check on that. The ACLU goes on to say: The administration’s unwillingness thus far to act with the urgency required has already harmed many people. It can’t continue.”

The ACLU went on in another tweet in the thread to finish by saying:

“The urgent work of protecting people in Afghanistan from reprisals and persecution must include evacuation and resettlement of civilians such as human rights defenders, women’s rights activists, members of the media, Special Immigrant Visa candidates, and other vulnerable people.”

Meanwhile, President Biden is slated to speak any minute now to address the nation from the White House. It is being reported that he can only call on pre-selected reporters. He will likely be reading a script from a teleprompter and we don’t expect much accountability. Some have predicted he may continue to try and falsely blame former President Trump.

Time will tell how much worse it gets, stay tuned for updates.