Biden Jokes That He Was a Senator For 370 Years at CNN Town Hall, Kayleigh McEnany Not Laughing

President Joe Biden is taking part in a CNN town hall tonight in Baltimore where he was scheduled to be taking questions about his Build Back Better agenda that currently is stalled out in Congress.

Host Anderson Cooper asked him at one point simply if he was “close to a deal?”

Biden responded, “I think so, look, I was a senator for 370 years and I was relatively good at putting together deals.”

The “invitation-only audience” broke out in laughter at Biden’s joke and applause after he said he mentioned his prowess at getting deals put together.

One person who wasn’t laughing, however, was Fox News’ Kayleigh McEnany, who had harsh words for the event in a tweet.

McEnany insisted, “CNN is state-run media. This pathetic town hall proves it. They are essentially running a fake laugh track for Joe’s faux White House TV set! Welcome to Joe’s comedy hour. Don up next!”

It really is unclear if the reactions from the audience are legitimate or not, as they sound very coordinated and extra amplified.

In a separate tweet, McEnany wondered, “Did you ever think it would be THIS bad?”

A video from CBS Baltimore reporter Avajoye Burnett showed people outside waiting to get into the town hall, along with far-left protesters shouting out their demands.

“Folks are lining up to go inside the theater, while protesters call for immigration, climate change and crime and justice reforms,” Burnett said of the video.