Adam Baldwin Calls for Alec Baldwin to be Prosecuted to the ‘Fullest Extent of the Law’

Thursday, Alec Baldwin shot and killed Director of photography Halyna Hutchins. Director Joel Souza was also injured. Actor, Adam Baldwin shared his thoughts on the ‘accidental’ shooting, on the set of ‘Rust’.

“If you’re pointing a weapon at anyone on set without permission from the armorer, director & 1st AD, then you should be reprimanded for the first offense, fired for the second. If you do so and harm/kill someone, you should be be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Adam is reportedly a distant relative of the Baldwin brothers. Adam raises some interesting points about having permission from the armorer, director & 1st AD. It appears that There was a live round in the gun fired by Baldwin, according to an email from International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 44.

Alec Baldwin is anti-gun, anti-trump and anti-cop. Now that he has ‘accidentally’ shot others himself, some of his old tweets seem to many in very bad taste and in the opinion of some, could be filed under tweets that didn’t age well.

In a tweet from June of 2018 Alec states, “So… when the plot stumbles or collapses, just shoot someone. Correct?”

In another tweet, from 2017 from his other account, Alec shares an article with a video of an officer-involved shooting from Huntington Beach, CA. He captions it, “I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone…” Many have said on Twitter “Alec now knows”.

Twitter user ‘Lower Your Expectations’ Swan shares screenshots from articles where people shot others with guns they didn’t realize were loaded.

“Here’s what happens to regular people when they accidentally shoot someone not knowing the gun is loaded. MANSLAUGHTER. Let’s see if there are double standards for politically-connected Hollywood stars #AlecBaldwin “Alec Baldwin”

It remains to be seen if Alec will be charged with the death and injury of the crew members. CNN appears to have tried to soften the facts of the story, in the original title of an article released yesterday, about the shooting which was updated today. The original title reads, “‘Rust’crew member dead after shooting incident involving Alec Baldwin”. Today it now reads, “Director of photography killed, movie director injured after Alec Baldwin discharged prop firearm on movie set”.

Most gun advocates know you treat every gun like it’s loaded, even if it is a prop. Everyone who handles a gun should take a class in gun safety, regardless. This is a tragedy and it isn’t the first to occur on a Hollywood set. Many remember Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, losing his life on the set of ‘The Crow’ in an accidental shooting.

Bradon’s sister Shannon Lee shared her thoughts on Twitter, on the account she runs under Brandon’s name.

“Our hearts go out to the family of Halyna Hutchins and to Joel Souza and all involved in the incident on “Rust”. No one should ever be killed by a gun on a film set. Period.”

Alec also shared his thoughts on Twitter today as well, “There are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. I’m fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred and I am in touch with her husband, offering my support to him and his family. My heart is broken for her husband, their son, and all who knew and loved Halyna.”

It remains to be seen what will happen, but guns can be dangerous in the hands of people who don’t have respect for them or the knowledge of handling them.


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