Biden Says Trump Deserves a Little Foreign Policy Credit, But Not a Whole Lot

Tonight was supposed to be the second presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It was ultimately canceled by the Debate Commission and changed to a virtual debate that President Trump declined.

The original debate was canceled based on Covid-19 fears because of President Trump’s contracting of the virus but he has since tested negative more than once and could have easily and safely debated Joe Biden in person tonight. Nevertheless, it was canceled, and NBC decided to hold a dueling town hall-style Trump event while Joe Biden was holding one over on ABC.

Joe Biden at one point was asked by a potential voter what he thinks of President Trump’s foreign policy as it relates to de-escalating tensions and less war around the world since Trump took office. Joe Biden, one of unpredictable words, actually didn’t want to completely take away all credit from Trump, and when asked:

“Peace is breaking out all over the world, our troops are coming home, Serbia is talking to Kosovo and the Arabs and Israelis are talking peace… Does President Trump’s foreign policy deserve some credit?”, he said, “a little, but not a whole lot” WATCH:

Biden went on to elaborate, saying that we have isolated ourselves from the world. But in our view, the damage was done. The man who asked the question appeared to be looking for a more definitive answer or some kind of pushback and what he got was a soft and confused answer that painted the United States, again in our view only, as a country that is going downhill as it pertains to foreign relations.

Biden even claimed that Trump’s America First policy can equate to America alone, which Trump has repeatedly denied, saying America First does not mean that previously.

There will be one more debate between the two presidential candidates if nothing comes up to cause it to be canceled. As far as we know, Joe Biden has not yet caught Covid-19, but some of Kamala Harris’ associates have and she is taking extra precautions right now to prevent the possible spread as the Vice Presidential running mate of Biden’s.