Biden ‘Teasingly’ Threatens to Run Over Reporter With F-150 After Asked Question About Israel

We all know about the conflict going on in the middle east that involved Palestine, Israel and others. There is a large debate in the United States, which has many of its own major problems, over how much we should spend on helping other nations. This includes how we should feel or whether or not we should take sides.

Although the GOP tries to say they support Israel more than the Democrats, both parties in large part always seem to support Israel, although Democrats have been happy to give money to both sides. Most American Jews however, still vote Democrat.

Joe Biden’s approach on the situation has been pretty predictable and not anything outside of the norm. A reporter in a recently surfaced viral video wanted to know more on the controversial subject though, and he wanted answer directly from President Joe Biden.

Instead of giving an answer though, Biden tried his hand a poorly timed joke that seems to have many outraged. It appears Joe Biden at the time was in a Ford F-150 after doing a publicity meeting with Ford today.

The reporter asked if he could ask a quick question on Israel before Biden drives away. Biden responded with, “no”, and told the reporter that he may have to get in front of the F-150 as he steps on the gas pedal if he wants to ask the question. He then attempted damage control and said he was only teasing. He still did not let the female reporter ask her question though. Watch the clip below:

Of course we will hear the standard lines of outrage from Republicans about “what if Trump had done that?” but there will likely be no outcome other than a few talking heads on the mainstream news tonight giving their “hot takes” on the controversial exchange from a very arrogant Joe Biden.

Many may argue that with the nation’s economy on the brink, gas shortages, a border crisis, inflation, and other issues the U.S. is facing, perhaps Joe Biden could be a little bit more humble. He doesn’t seem to care about any of that at this point, in our view though.

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