Biden: ‘Wouldn’t You Have Liked to Take the Shot’ at President Trump

While campaigning in Flint, MI today Joe Biden seems to have gone off-script. In the @TrumpWarRoom tweet below you can see Biden mock the president and then fantasize about ‘taking a shot’ at the President if he were still in high school.

Biden says “The President likes to portray himself, I love this, he likes to portray himself as a tough guy,” this is when Biden seems to take his own road map. “When you were in high school wouldn’t you have liked to take the shot? Anyway, that’s a different story, but anyway..”

Biden seems to be daydreaming about assaulting President Trump. The rioting in Portland, OR has gone on now for over five months now with no end in sight. It appears the left has no plan to quelch the violence. With what some may see as the rhetoric of violence coming from the stage of the Democrat presidential nominee, there appears to be no leadership guiding a way to the end the violence.

While campaigning for Biden in Detroit today singer Stevie Wonder decided to throw in some comments about President Trump. Wonder seems to imply that if Trump were to say ‘stand back and stand by’ in the ‘ghetto’ he would get his ‘a** whipped’. This commentary just seems to add fuel to the fire. The full clip can be seen below in the tweet from @BGOnTheScene.

Actor George Takei well know for his distain for the President, tweeted out “The president could hold a rally in the middle of 5th Avenue and kill 700 people and he wouldn’t lose any voters. Well, except for those 700 people.” Comments like this would get most if not all conservatives Twitter users band from the platform.

The lines from the left seem to be more hateful the closer we get to the election. Let’s hope these comments don’t embolden anyone to take things up a notch with this unacceptable rhetoric. With the election only three days away we will soon see how this all plays out.

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