#BidenCheated Trends No. 1 on Twitter in the US

Tonight, #BidenCheated is at #1 on Twitter trends in the United States after a number of conservative activists and politicians got the hashtag trending.

Conservative activist “Rooster” used the hashtag and said, “#BidenCheated worse than Bill Clinton did on Hillary.”

Another conservative activist “Tiff” said, “#BidenCheated worse than Willie Brown did on his wife with Kamala Harris, when he battering rammed her tuna stank tank. Yes. Heels up!”

America First supporter Pete D’Abrosca wondered, “Who’s about to lose their job over at @Twitter for letting #BidenCheated trend No. 1?”

One member of the Trump team, Caleb Thompson, believes, “#BidenCheated is trending in 1st place right now” because “The American People are finally realizing that this election was stolen and that @realDonaldTrump will remain The President!”

Anti-Trump activists have called for “everyone” to “flood the hashtag #BidenCheated with Paul Blart” in an attempt to sabotage the effort.