Sen. Loeffler and Marjorie Taylor Greene Promise to Stand Up Against Hollywood Invasion Into Georgia Races

Starting today, former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is hosting a weekly briefing specifically for Hollywood agents, managers, publicists, and entertainment execs for how they can best help in the races, according to a report.

NRSC senior advisor Matt Whitlock was astounded by the news and said, “This is amazing — Stacey Abrams is actually training Hollywood millionaires to engage in GA.”

Whitlock also shared a 2017 article where Democrats pumped millions into a Georgia congressional election, hoping Jon Ossoff would deliver a rebuke to President Trump and his first 100 days in office.

Ossoff failed to win that race against Congresswoman Karen Handel, who is now the Republican rep. for the 6th district.

Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who is now facing off against Ossoff, earlier shared a screenshot of a Breitbart article with the headline, “Hollywood Storms Georgia: Stacey Abrams Teaming with John Legend, Common for $25,000 Per Ticket ‘Rock the Runoff Virtual Concert.'”

Loeffler said of the article, “‘Hollywood storms Georgia.’ The headline says it all. 39 days to hold the line. Stand with Sen. David Perdue and me.”

Georgia Congesswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene retweeted Loeffler’s tweet and said, “How Georgia feels about Hollywood coming here and telling us to vote for socialism.”

Greene believes it’s “Bad news for them, We Republicans in Georgia won’t let them steal our #gasen seats. Sen. Kelly Loeffler I’m talking to voters all over the state. People are fired up!”

During an Amazon-hosted Q&A for her film All In: The Fight for Democracy on Nov. 18, Abrams said, “I believe very much in the power of celebrity to cut through the noise of politics.”

“Whether it was in Georgia or in Michigan or Wisconsin, Arizona, or Nevada,” states she believes that faced aggressive voter suppression in 2016, 2018, “it was absolutely an important moment when they heard someone they saw not as a politician, which is an easy community to be suspect of, but those that they trusted as part of the way they think about how they organize their lives. It does indeed matter.”