Biden’s Justice Department Drops Investigation into Cuomo Over COVID Nursing Home Handlings, Absolutely Shameful, says Steve Scalise

New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is, in our view, only still in office because he is a Democrat. The Democrats now consider themselves the major party, as even former President Barack Obama called Republicans the minority party. The demographic shifts due to mass immigration are largely in favor of the Democrat party, with maybe the exception of Cuba.

The Democrats know this, and whether they admit it or not, this is why they generally have an open borders policy, not so much to save the world or be nice to immigrants and refugees as they would have you think. Again, this is all in our opinion.

This all being the case, Democrats are almost impervious to criticism these days, as Governor Cuomo faces allegations of botching Covid-19 patients in nursing homes, and potentially causing deaths by the way he handled things. Cuomo claims he only abided by CDC regulations of course.

He also recently faced an onslaught of sexual assault allegations, putting a big question mark on the “me too” movement, as he easily ignored calls for resignation and stayed in office with ease. Now, the DOJ under Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland are not even going to investigate the nursing home situation in New York. Must be nice to be a Democrat in today’s world. Janice Dean tweeted:

“A terrible day for thousands of families. In a letter to @SteveScalise, @TheJusticeDept wrote that they were dropping the nursing home investigations in all states including New York. There will be no justice for our loved ones, and it feels like we’ve lost them all over again.

There are still several investigations into @NYGovCuomo here in New York, and I will try to hold out hope for those to prevail, but for the families in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey, this is a soul crushing day.”

U.S. House Rep Steve Scalise (R-LA) tweeted:

“BREAKING—Biden’s DOJ just said they’re refusing to investigate the massive nursing home COVID death scandals in New York, Michigan, & Pennsylvania. Absolutely shameful. They’re complicit in these Democrat governors’ cover ups. Families who lost loved ones deserve better.”

Cuomo responded to the news:

Governor Cuomo: “The political environment has gotten so toxic in this country. So toxic, so mean. It was an outrageous allegation. New York followed the CDC guidance. CDC is a federal agency that’s supposed to know what they’re talking about in terms of health. We followed the CDC guidance when it came to how we handled people in nursing homes and when they went to a hospital, when they were brought back to a nursing home. Second, by the number of deaths as a percentage, number of nursing home deaths as the percentage, New York is number 31 in the country. We’re not even near the top in terms of percentage of deaths in nursing homes. Why New York, except that it was all politically motivated. And the Department of Justice announced this weekend that they’re not investigating those states.”

Cuomo: “What we should have been talking about was what happened and how do we learn from it so it doesn’t happen again? How did COVID get into the nursing homes? Why didn’t they have enough PPE? Why didn’t we have enough tests? Why didn’t we have enough swabs? Learn the lesson because it’s going to happen again. But it was politics. It was toxic politics. It violated the basic concept of justice in this nation, and it did a lot of harm and a lot of damage. And it went on too long. I mean, this went on for like a year until finally the Department of Justice dismissed it.”

U.S. House Rep Lee Zeldin (R-NY) plans to run again Cuomo in 2022.

NBC reported in April:

Rep. Lee Zeldin announced Thursday that he is running for governor of New York in 2022, becoming the first high-profile Republican to launch a challenge to embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Zeldin, 41, who has represented eastern Long Island since 2015, shared his decision on Fox News and posted it on Twitter, saying that to save his state, “#CuomosGottaGo!”

“I’ll bring the kind of relentless, fighting spirit towards helping to save our state that Cuomo reserves for multi-million dollar self-congratulatory book deals, cover-ups, abuse & self-dealing,” Zeldin tweeted.

“With 1-party Dem rule in NYC & Albany, the light that was a beacon of what America can be has gone dark,” continued Zeldin, who said that Cuomo is “at the helm of NY’s downfall.”

Time will tell how that run goes, but it will be hard to beat a Democrat in New York, although Cuomo has certainly made it a little bit easier.