350+ Group of Illegal Immigrants Arrive at Del Rio, ‘Thanks to President Biden for the Opportunity to Come Here Now’

As we reported previously, there is an immigration disaster in the United States under Joe Biden’s so-called leadership. Bill Melugin has been tweeting and documenting with images and video one particular area that is being clobbered with immigrants, literally from all over the world.

Even though Vice President Kamala Harris recently told people looking to illegally immigrate to the United States to “don’t come”, they are not taking her seriously, at all.

This comes as border wall construction has ground to a halt under the Biden/Harris regime and illegal immigrants are being given free plane tickets to fly to all parts of the United States and find somewhere to live. This is being done and encouraged by the Biden administration and is a feature, not a bug. Melugin tweets:

“NEW: An absolutely massive group of 350+ migrants have arrived at the border fence here in Del Rio. They are from all around the world. Haiti. Africa. Brazil. Colombia. Very few from Northern Triangle. More are streaming down the path from the Rio Grande after crossing.

This couple is from Ghana. They speak English. She is a baker, he is an electrician. They left Ghana in January. Flew into Brazil. Went through Bolivia, eventually got to Mexico, then made their way here to the border. They’re planning to go to Hartford, CT.”

“Another journalist here asked this migrant what she thinks about President Biden. She responded “Gracias al Presidente Biden por la oportunidad de venir aqui ahora.” (Thanks to President Biden for the opportunity to come here now.) Some tell us now is the time to come.

Groups of single adult males are being loaded into Border Patrol vans. One man flashes a thumbs up before he gets into the vehicle. Overheard one BP agent say they are taking a group of 50 of them a processing center in Eagle Pass, TX, which is about an hour from Del Rio”

We can’t say for sure if Democrats in Hartford, CT will have an illegal immigrant welcome party when they get there, or other cities around the nation where people are going. Only time will tell if any semblance of a nation of borders, language, culture, and law and order will ever be seen again.