‘Biden’s Laptop Matters’ Lauren Witzke Holds Protest in Front of Joe Biden’s Delaware Residence

America First Republican Delaware Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke has been involved with the Hunter Biden laptop email story and her state is ground zero to that situation as well as where Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has spent much of his time since March.

Witzke shared a video and announced on Twitter tonight that “We went and paid a visit to Joe Biden’s House yesterday. #BidensLaptopMatters

The video begins by showing a crowd including Witzke chanting “Biden’s Laptop Matters” in front of Biden’s Delaware residence.

Witzke then appears holding a sign that mentions her Democratic Senate opponent Chris Coons saying that he “is complicit.”

In a speech, Witzke believes Coons should lead “a Senate effort to demand from the DOJ that they investigate the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

“We the people deserve to know, with seven days away from the election and we could potentially be electing this guy president and we need to know what is on the laptop and we need the media to start talking about it and stand up for us and stop keeping it hidden,” Witzke continued.

Witzke stated, “We are out here today demanding transparency, we are out her standing up for the victims for those that have been abused by the Biden family.”

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