Bill Cosby Looking to be Paid For Time Served Behind Bars

A spokesperson for Bill Cosby, Andrew Wyatt announced in an interview with News Nation that his team is looking at different options at getting Cosby restitution for the time he served behind bars.

Wyatt said, “We feel that he’s owed a lot of money, Mr. Cosby was given an unwanted two-year and ten-month vacation that he never ask for. His constitutional rights were abolished, his due process was stripped away from him.” He then brings up the proposal by Governor Tom Wolf to pay 50k for every year served to those who are found to be wrongfully convicted.

“Look this man was stripped of his dignity, his reputation, his name because of a corrupt judge and overzealous and corrupt district attorney.” Wyatt goes further into the corruption citing the district attorney running on convicting Cosby if elected.

This sounds quite similar to Letitia James, the now Attorney General for New York. She ran on going after then-President Donald Trump, she cited unproven claims that she was going to pursue and called him an illegitimate president, she was elected to the position in 2018 she serves until 2023 and has yet to bring any charges against Donald Trump.

Wyatt continued, “He’s due millions and millions of dollars. As Mr. Cosby said to me today, ‘I feel that this district attorney and Judge Steven O’Neill and Kevin Steele [Montgomery County district attorney] should resign effective immediately.”

When asked if they had a set number they were pursuing Wyatt confirmed that they do not have one set but that they are “looking into different routes on legal action that can be taken against Montgomery county”.

He then goes on to address the reasons that Cosby’s sentence was overturned and calls it “one of the greatest victories in jurist prudence”.