Bill Maher Roasts ‘White Liberals’ For Being More Offended Than Actual Victims

Is the tide turning for Trump-hating left-wing comedian Bill Maher? Is he finally seeing the light? You never know with this guy, who historically loves blasting Republicans, then giving an almost equally hard time to politically correct leftists. In a recent segment from his show that he posted a video clip of on his Twitter page today, he ground an ax with white liberals who are more offended than actual victims of say, for example, racism.

Some recent examples other than today’s of Maher bashing folks on his side of the aisle for being too radical or far left on certain things include a recent pushback against Democrat congresswoman and ‘Squad’ members Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib for their support of BDS. Most liberals, even when their own politicians go against their anti-racism narrative, seem to stick together but Maher calls out the hypocrisy and points out precedents that can be set in situations like that. More recently He ragged on many of the 2020 democratic presidential candidates for what he believes to be hypocrisy with things like diet for example.

Yes, it seems the left’s kryptonite is indeed being called out on their own hypocrisies, often by some in their own ranks. While it’s unlikely that Maher will be changing parties or putting on a MAGA hat anytime soon, free thinkers on both sides should applaud his authentic brand of thinking when he does go outside the groupthink rules.

The recently posted clip starts out with “new rule, white liberals have to start listening to me when I tell them, you can’t be more offended than the victims” Around the halfway point in the video he talks about how he is sick of white people being sorry for being white. ‘What’s with the I’m embarrassed to be white sub-genre on the internet?’ he says. The only irony here is that because Maher is a liberal himself he is allowed to say things like this without backlash from the left-wing mob. If another comedian, say Tim Allen for example, made the same implications, it may not have gone over so well. I suppose as long as Maher continues to throw in his occasional red meat of President Trump bashing that keeps his audience satisfied that he’s one of them, everything is ok here.


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