Mark Levin Calls Out Ed Henry for Dishonest Trump Questioning

It seems like politics can change a man. Fox News’ Ed Henry seems to have shifted his stance a bit to the left, whereas Mark Levin, host of the show ‘Life, Liberty, and Levin’, who wasn’t always President Trump’s most loyal fan, has shifted more into the ranks of one of Trump’s favorite.

In a clip from Fox and Friends this morning, Levin was asked a question about Trump’s now-infamous phone call with the Ukranian President. Levin is given only a yes or no option to answer the question of whether or not it’s ok to ask a foreign government for dirt on a political opponent.

Not falling for the trap, Levin says it’s a dishonest question. It leaves out the question of whether or not Joe Biden and his son Hunter are somehow exempt from being looked at for possible corruption just because Joe Biden is running for President. Levin also re-iterated that President Trump didn’t break the law and the media is continuously going after him in a lopsided way. You can here his exact words in the clip.


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