Bill Maher Suggests Kamala Harris Be Dropped from the Ticket in 2024, ‘She’s a Bad Politician’

During a panel discussion that included CNN contributor Van Jones and The Atlantic staff writer Caitlin Flanagan, Bill Maher suggested on his HBO show “Real Time” that Kamala harris be dropped from the presidential ticket in 2024.

Maher said of Harris, “She’s a bad politician” in response after Flanagan mentioned that she was taken down by Tulsi Gabbard in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary debates.

“I think she’s a very bright person, but I don’t know- I can see them doing that because a lot of the problem with ‘Biden being old’ is- oh, if he dies, then you’re going to get this person,” Maher added.

One leftist activist weighed in on Maher’s comments in a tweet where she called him “completely unhelpful… to the cause.”

“Nobody is going to replace Kamala Harris and I’m sorry/not sorry you can’t stand her. I kind of admire her,” she insisted.

Jones appeared to agree with that sentiment as he told Maher, that she hasn’t “found her footing” yet as VP but that she “wouldn’t be a weight on the ticket.”

Several leftists also responded to a clip of the discussion shared by Raw Story senior editor Bob Brigham with disdain for Maher.

One claimed, “Bill Maher is no longer relevant. He is just bitter, old, and sad shell of his former self. It is time for HBO to retire him.”

“I mean, does anyone watch THAT program anymore? I stopped three years ago. I only responded because of that tweet. Smh” she added.

Another explained, “Black women put @POTUS in the @WhiteHouse, so yeah, @billmaher, f*ck around & find out what would happen if Joe put someone other than @VP on the 2024 ticket.”

“Geezus, @HBO, why do you still give this old, straight, white, cisgender, misogynist, anti-Muslim bigot a platform?!” he wondered.

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