Bill O’Reilly Blasts Biden, Reminds Fans of Obama’s Doubtful Words, and Predicts his Political Days are Numbered

Former top-rated Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is still doing his own thing. O’Reilly still gets targeted and has “hate” articles written about him by the usual leftist tattle tale websites, even though he’s no longer on Fox News.

Anything that will get their leftist base angry is good enough for the Democrat media complex. Nevertheless, O’Reilly keeps rolling, and recently he went after Joe Biden in a no holds barred rant. Posted today, O’Reilly implies Biden’s political days are numbered.

“Never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to screw things up” -Barack Obama, cites O’Reilly. He mentions other prominent Democrats, including the Clintons. “Money runs politics in America…” “They all know Joe Biden is hopeless. It’s not going to get any better here, while he’s president.

Why? Because he can not assimilate information at the level where you would be able to solve any problems. I prove that night after night.

If you guys listen and watch you know that. There’s no two sides to the story as we showed you tonight. There’s a number of things tonight, it’s insane…”

O’Reilly says the Democrat party is in the process of turning on Joe Biden right now and thinks he may resign for “health reasons” soon. Watch:

O’Reilly may not be on Fox News anymore, but he has political knowledge from his time as a number one host. He may not be right about Biden resigning early, or he may be, only time will tell.

One thing we’re sure of, is Democrats are regretting their “anyone other than Trump” choice in Biden, especially every time they go to fill up their cars at the pump in our view. Biden has been a PR disaster, isn’t handling the Russia-Ukraine war problem well in our view, and refuses to take border security seriously. Even many Hispanics in Texas are flipping to Republican because they want a secure border with a definition.

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