Black Conservative Veteran Defends Confederate Veterans in Florida

In an attempt to erase U.S. history, many liberals and conservatives are calling for Confederate monuments to be removed and demanding that military bases named after Confederate generals to be renamed. However, one black conservative veteran is taking a different stance.

Former Captain in the US Airforce and Florida state rep for district 1 Mike Hill has laid out why it is a crime to deface and dismantle confederate monuments. In a Facebook post made earlier today Hill lays out, “all Confederate Army/ Navy/ Marine Veterans equal to U.S. Veterans.” Pointing out in an act of Congress in 1957, Law 85-425 recognized all Confederate military veterans as U.S. Military. This was enacted in May of 1958, the year the last Confederate veteran died.

Before this, in 1929 Congress directed that headstones and Confederate gravesites were to be recognized as U.S. War dead gravesites. Hill points out that if “you remove a Confederate statue, monument or headstone, you are in fact, removing a statue, monument or headstone of a U.S. VETERAN.” Hill then goes on to site 18 U.S. Code § 1369 – Destruction of veterans’ memorials, and the penalties that are to be applied to those who partake in the behavior on full display in the media.

In Richmond VA, the former capital of the confederacy, Monument Avenue displayed monuments to, J.E.B Stuart, an officer in the United States and Confederate States Army, Robert E. Lee Colonel of the United States Military and General in Chief of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate States, Stonewall Jackson, an officer in the United States and Confederate States Army, Matthew Fontaine Maury officer in the U.S. and Confederate Navy, and Arthur Ashe professional tennis player.

The mayor of Richmond announced earlier this month he would introduce a bill on July 1st to have the Confederate monuments removed. July 1st a new state law in Virginia goes into effect which gives the local governments the authority to remove them on their own. The wait was too long for protesters who had taken to defacing the monuments. Wednesday evening the protesters tore down the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

On the same night in Portsmouth, VA protesters took to defacing and destroying the Confederate monument located in the town square. The monument is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One of the participants was severely injured when the protesters pulled one of the figures hitting the man in the head, splitting his head open. One bystander stating you could see his skull the injured man coded twice that evening.

An effort is also being put together to rename the ten Army installations that were named after senior Confederate commanders. Earlier this week US Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Secretary of Defence Mark Esper said they were open to holding a “bipartisan conversation” on renaming the installations. President Trump stated Wednesday he opposes any effort by the U.S. Military to rename bases making his stance clear in a three-part tweet.

It appears the left is on a nonstop bid to destroy history. Other than President Trump and folks like Mike Hill, who will stop the proverbial book burning?

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