Black Dunkin Donuts Worker Corey Pujols Charged with Manslaughter After ‘Accidentally’ Punching and Killing 77-Year-Old for Allegedly Being Called a Racial Slur

Police in Tampa Florida are reporting that a Dunkin Donuts store employee punched an unidentified 77-year-old after allegedly being called a racial slur. The offended employee initially injured the possible customer, but the elderly person later died sadly.

This has lead to Corey Pujols being charged with manslaughter for the incident. The police reported that the victim went through the Tampa Dunkin Donuts on May 5th, at 1:29 PM. Although mean words are not nice, death should not be the penalty for such things. Pujols should have known he was risking killing the customer especially considering the old age of the person, in our opinion.

Allegedly, the elderly person was upset by the lack of service and was asked to leave. Instead, he reportedly went inside the store and said the alleged slurs, and that is when he was punched out and his life was ultimately stolen from him.

Nexstar Media reported:

A Tampa Police Department report says after he was punched, the victim fell backward and hit his head on the concrete floor.

It’s a shame that we have reached a point in society such as this. We won’t do the “if the shoe was on the other foot” game here, because that rarely works in today’s culturally and racially charged society. There are many things to unpack and may opinions to possibly had about this tragic ending to a person’s life, but at the end of the day, we will leave it to you to come to the conclusions you feel you need to about this story.

We don’t condone racial slurs, but we also don’t condone violence and hopefully people can learn to distinguish bad from worse one day. Some on Twitter think the 77-year-old got was was coming to him sadly:

One Twitter user is hoping to raise money for Pujols:

It is against Twitter rules to praise violent acts, and we wonder if Twitter will enforce their rules on people saying that Pujols didn’t do anything wrong.