Black Lives Matter and Antifa March Through Washington D.C. Chanting ‘If We Don’t Get it, Burn it Down’

Independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager has been sharing videos tonight from Washington D.C. tonight where a group of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters have been marching through the streets north of the White House.

According to the first video Gutenschwager posted, the protesters are part of a “FTP” protest, which is short for “f*ck the police.”

In the next video shared by Gutenschwager, D.C. Police can be seen on bicycles and he said they were mobilizing “as protesters take off from Dupont Circle this evening.”

In the follow-up video Gutenschwager posted, protesters can be heard chanting “Black lives, they matter here!” as the group marched through the Dupont Circle neighborhood.

Gutenschwager said of the next video he shared, “Very large MPD presence following the protesters tonight, with officers on bike and dozens of vehicles in the blocks around the march route.”

Chants of “We don’t get it, burn it down,” can be heard in the next video, which showed people continuing to march. It’s unclear what it is that the marchers want in order not to act on their threat.

The marches then go through a district where people are dining outside and the police form a barrier between them and those on the patios.

Chants of “ACAB” rung out after an officer swatted away a flashlight that some were flashing at them, leading to brief clashes.

Protesters eventually moved on and could be seen chanting in the next video, “Whose streets? Our streets!” Gutenschwager caught a picture of an Antifa flag in his most recent video.

This is a developing situation and we will update if there is more information.