Black Man Who Brutally Assaulted White Man in MI Gets Probation After Saying Brother Lied About ‘N Word’ Use

Previously we reported on a viral video where a white man was assaulted by a black man for possibly using the ‘N’ word in a Michigan Macy’s:

Charges were filed today in the attack of a white Macy’s Store Manager by a black man at the Genesee Valley Center in Flint Township, Michigan last week.

18-year-old Damire Palmer was charged with assault to do great bodily harm less than murder, a 10-year felony. Flint Township Police have been looking for Palmer and his brother in connection to the assault since it happened June 15th.

Video of the incident circulated social media for nearly two weeks after his brother posted it and was even retweeted by President Trump.

President Trump event tweeted about it:

Looks what’s going on here. Where are the protesters? Was this man arrested?

Now it’s being reported that the man who almost didn’t get arrested in some folk’s perspective is now getting ‘mostly’ off the hook, simply for admitting that his brother lied about the Macy’s employee saying the ‘N’ word. Matt Walsh tweeted his outrage on the news:

“The man who brutally assaulted a Macy’s employee will get probation without prison after he testified that his brother lied and told him the employee said the N word. Assault is essentially legal now if the assailant even thinks you used a racial slur”

Mlive reported that the decision was in consultation with the victim, who could have pushed for a harsher sentenced but gracefully did not amazingly. They also reported in part:

“The statement that (my brother) made was untrue and I swung on him for no reason,” said Palmer, of hitting the employee multiple times on July 15.

Video shot of the incident circled the Internet, drawing attention from President Donald Trump who asked why there were no protesters over the incident amid mass demonstrations regarding the death of George Floyd.

Palmer is black. The employee is white.

When asked by Genesee County Assistant Prosecutor Patrick McCombs why his brother would lie to him, Palmer responded: “I wouldn’t know. I honestly wouldn’t.”

“But you took your brother at his word, right?” asked McCombs.

“Yes, I did,” Palmer said.

When asked by McCombs if the assault that injured the store employee was over the alleged use of the racial slur, Palmer said yes.

He pleaded guilty in court to a single count of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine.

Although the victim was consulted, many will likely be outraged anyway, because there appears to some to be a double standard today. It would appear that something like this had the roles been reversed might have been charged as a hate crime without any victim consultation, but this is merely our own speculation only and you can draw your own conclusions from the news.

Hopefully, the man will no longer assault people, for any reason other than self-defense.

UPDATE 8-13-20 12:30 AM ET: Matt Walsh apparently deleted his original tweet and re-posted for more context: