Tucker Carlson Drags CNN For Criticizing Him ‘Mispronouncing’ Kamala After Biden Makes Same ‘Mistake’

Tucker Carlson led off his show on Fox News by calling out CNN for their criticism of him “mispronouncing” Kamala, the first name of Joe Biden’s running mate for President. He then played a clip of Biden making the same mistake while introducing her earlier.

CNN was not the only media outlet to criticize Carlson. Margaret Sullivan wrote a column for the Washington Post where she claimed that “the mangling” was about “disrespect.”

She shared an excerpt from the column where she said that “we get names right if we care enough to.” She added that “when you act like proper pronunciation doesn’t matter – or isn’t worth bothering to learn – that sends a strong message.”

Joe Concha with The Hill made a joke that “This shall not stand” after he had heard that Biden pronounced it the same way. He clarified that it was a joke because “it’s ridiculous.”

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