Black Portland Resident Livid That Rioters Destroyed a Popeyes Chicken Despite Antifa Claiming to be Helping Black Lives

Despite our previous attempts at comprehensive coverage of Black Lives Matter and the Antifa riots in Portland, OR, it almost seems impossible to keep up with. Far-left Mayor Ted Wheeler has done little to stop the almost nonstop rioting in the formerly lively city of Portland. He has even been bullied and ran off from his own residence and restaurants by the people he claims to support.

Even Black Americans who are just trying to live their lives are sick of it now, according to a couple of tweet videos by world-renowned journalist Andy Ngo. Ngo posts a pair of videos showing a Popeyes chicken being wrecked in anticipation of the Derek Chauvin verdict which could possibly come as soon as today from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“At the #antifa riot overnight in northeast Portland, they smashed up a @PopeyesChicken. The riots are nearly every night again. #PortlandRiots

A black Portlander is fed-up after #antifa destroyed the windows of the chicken restaurant during their riot overnight. Antifa say they are rioting “for black lives.” #PortlandMugshots

See videos below:

It’s so sad that American leaders won’t stand up to rioting and anarchy. It’s also sad that the people in these liberal cities keep electing weak Democrats who are all but guaranteed to allow such meylee in the first place. One can only hope all violence stops and rioting can turn into only peaceful protesting.

That being said, it sadly looks like action like this may only get worse before it gets better. Voters will have to decide what they want from a nation, and stick with it, or else tragedies like the aforementioned may continue to occur, over and over again. We pray that it doesn’t happen in a city near us, or you.