‘Blackface’ Democrat Ralph Northam Endorses White Terry McAuliffe to Replace Him Over Black Justin Fairfax for Governor in Virginia

The radical left-wing, controversial Democrat Governor of Virginia has made an endorsement this morning. This endorsement is for the person who he would like to see replace him as Governor in Virginia.

Although Northam has claimed he is not racist after being busted with yearbook photos from his college days showing a photo of a man in blackface and another man in a KKK outfit, he has chosen White Terry McAuliffe, who is also the former Governor of Virginia, over Black Justin Fairfax, who wants to run as well.

When the scandal about Northam’s yearbook was exposed, it was also reported that Attorney General Mark Herring was also accused of similar Blackface controversy. During this same time period, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax was accused of sexual assault.

At the time, many Democrats called for Northam’s resignation, and Fairfax and Herring did not get much support either. But at the end of the day the Virginia Democrats realized that if all three men stepped down, they would have been handing control of Virginia back to the Republicans. So instead, they dug in their heels and all the Democrats eventually forgot about all the scandals.

Although Northam’s career is mostly likely over, Fairfax wanted to run for Governor too, in addition to former Governor McAuliffe. But Northam has skipped over Fairfax completely, choosing Clinton ally McAuliffe in an early endorsement, and snubbing Fairfax altogether. Dan Kennedy of 13 News Now reported:

#BREAKING: Gov Ralph Northam is expected to endorse Terry McAuliffe to be his successor today in Norfolk. Notably, Northam’s endorsement comes early in the race. And it is not for Lt Gov Justin Fairfax. McAuliffe was governor before Northam.”

Northam tweeted his support for McAuliffe after getting rave reviews from him, almost as if this was all pre-planned:

“I am honored to stand with Governor McAuliffe to keep our progress going in Virginia and take the reins of the post-COVID economy.”

This is very strange that McAuliffe would give Northam such rave reviews. McAuliffe actually called for Northam to resign amid the previous scandals as you can see here. I guess everything is ok now in the eyes of the Democrats now that everyone has forgotten and Fairfax will get the cold shoulder.

Many Republicans are also vying for the spot as well, but it will be tough for the GOP to take back the formerly red state as many new Democrats have been registered to vote over the last decade. This is in part due to lots of immigration from foreign-born citizens into the northern Virginia region, but other parts of the state have started trending blue as well.

Time will tell how the Republican candidates react, not to mention Fairfax, although we expect other Democrats to line up behind McAuliffe, to once again potentially take the reigns of the state of Virginia. Stay tuned for updates on this breaking situation.