Idaho Bans Vaccine Passport and Votes Down Bill to Fund Liberal Colleges With Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

The Idaho Governor, Brad Little, signed into law today a measure that will ban vaccine passports on any government level, which some have suggested enforcing.

“I signed an executive order today banning any State of Idaho governmental entity from requiring so-called “vaccine passports” – or proof of COVID-19 vaccination for citizens to receive public services or access facilities.”

Meanwhile, the Idaho House voted down a bill that would fund liberal colleges by a wide vote of 58-12.

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The state of Idaho has had a long fight with Liberal colleges as some people in the Idaho House believe that BSU is holding classes that don’t match the ideals of Idaho and therefore a legislative committee cut more than 400,000 thousand dollars in funding to rid those programs. Over $631 million dollars is on the line here.

It’s hard to tell what all the details are yet, or if a different bill will be proposed to get the hundreds of millions of dollars to the colleges, but clearly, the people have spoken, and aren’t happy with Critical Race Theory and other anti-White, Anti-American, divisive programs in state-funded (or any) schools. More info here from the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

As we previously reported, “Idaho Legislative Committee has cut $409,000 from Boise State University. This comes after hardline Republicans pushed for an $18 Million dollar cut from higher education, specifically $17 Million from BSU. Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R), proposed the $18 Million dollar cut.

State Senator Carl Crabtree (R) who proposed the $409,000 cut said, “Social justice involvement has got support for BSU in the ditch with the legislature and with constituents. We’ve tried for over a year to have our voices heard by the university, and we have been largely unsuccessful, We are left with no other option.”

Though the amount cut from BSU doesn’t seem like much, many conservatives are hopeful that some changes will start to be made at BSU when it comes to social justice programs.”

We also reported that Boise State canceled 50 diversity classes after a student was allegedly shamed for “White Privilege”, “Recently, Boise State University lost hundreds of thousands in state funding because they refused to cut what Conservatives in the state legislature thought was radical left-wing propaganda. Now, over 50 of those courses are being chopped anyway because allegedly, a White student was made to feel uncomfortable and potentially was demeaned and degraded during a Zoom call about so-called “White privilege”.

The cancelation roughly affects 1,300 students in 52 sections of UF 200: Foundations of Ethics and Diversity, according to the college. Left-leaning news site Idaho Statesmen, who clearly buried the lede on this outrageous story, was given a statement from the school.”

We will have to see what outrage this will create form liberals across the state on Idaho. Meanwhile, red states across the nation are stepping up as the left is getting drunk with power.

Stay tuned to Media Right News for more updates.

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