BLM Rioters Swiftly Kicked Out of Shopping Mall by Virginia Beach Police After Just a Few Minutes of Chaos

A group of Virginia Beach rioters sought to obtain vigilante justice after a man was allegedly ‘wrongfully detained’ at Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Black Lives Matter members decided the mall itself was partially to blame for what happened to the man and that they would protest and cause chaos there. You can see a quick summary of what happened in the news clip below.

Evan Watson, the WVEC 13 News reporter also detailed the situation on his Twitter in a series of tweets as well.

“After a black man was wrongly handcuffed and detained at Lynnhaven Mall on Saturday while eating with his family, VBPD is holding a press conference at 3:30 today. Activists and others are protesting tonight at the mall.”

“Just now, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters demonstrated at Lynnhaven Mall, where Jamar Mackey was detained Saturday. Security and police officers removed them from the private property, walking them to the parking lot.”

One of the protesters apparently thought she was getting treated differently for being a white woman:

“About 20 or so protesters are escorted outside and then to their cars. One of the protesters says she’s asked if she can “help get them off the property.” She then says “I don’t know who ‘them’ is, is it because I’m a white woman?””

As you can see, The Virginia Beach Police were telling the rioters, potential looters, that they would be cited for trespassing if they did not leave immediately. Apparently, due to the lawlessness that was allowed to happen in Richmond and Portsmouth Virginia earlier this year, rioters thought they could get away with it in Virginia Beach as well.

Although it’s sad that a man may have been allegedly wrongfully detained, there are better ways to talk about that than disrupt people’s shopping and businesses at a high-end mall in Virginia Beach. Hopefully, they learn for future riot/protest plans not to do it in Virginia Beach.

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