BLM Thugs Riot at Fox News HQ, Burn Pictures of Hosts and American Flag, Tucker Carlson Responds

As reported by National File, radical left-wing nut jobs are protesting and rioting outside of Fox News headquarters. There were reports and videos of these left-wing lunatics burning the American flag alongside a photo of American patriot Tucker Carlson. See story:

Elad Eliahu posted clips of the disaster:

“Earlier today a small group of BLM protesters gathered outside Fox News HQ in midtown Manhattan to protest the media company “You’re all racist, you’re nazis, you’re zionists, you’re KKK”

Carlson quickly responded:

“Tucker told me his response: “I’m proud to be burned with the flag.”

It’s ironic that as Fox News moves leftward, Antifa and BLM types think they are the gold standard to protest against. They could easily come up with more creative ideas. We won’t suggest anything in particular of course. But this is almost hilarious. We hope no one gets hurt. We hope there is no major damage.

We hope these people wake up and realize that even if they don’t like Tucker Carlson, they’re lucky to be Americans. They live in a society that was set up for them to succeed, in our view, but they’d rather riot and loot and not give a hoot. Disclaimer, there are no official reports of looting, we are using a figure of speech.

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