Bobby Jindal Says Dems Should Just Have ‘Put Up a Cardboard Cutout of Barr’ at Congressional Hearing

Many watched today’s Congressional hearing involving AG William Barr in shock as Democrats didn’t give him an opportunity to answer many of the questions that they asked and hear what he had to say.

Former governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal was one of the first to suggest on Twitter that they should have “put up a cardboard cutout of Barr at their hearing.”

He added that they were “grandstanding” and that they clearly had “no interest in giving him a chance to answer” the questions that they asked.

Dems should just put up a cardboard cutout of Barr at their hearing. They are grandstanding. They clearly have no interest in giving him a chance to answer.

Guy Benson appeared on The Story with Martha MacCallum and they echoed Jindal’s words, saying that “they should have perhaps maybe brought a cardboard cutout in and sat it in the chair.”

He said “Most of the Democrats on that dais clearly had absolutely no interest whatsoever in gleaning any information from the attorney general” and they simply wanted to vent at Barr. He added that it was “embarrassing and painful to watch.”

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