Boebert Ruthlessly Suggests Kamala’s El Paso Visit Was Like ‘Going to Olive Garden and Saying You’ve Been to Italy’

Vice President Kamala Harris visited El Paso, Texas yesterday, which was the first time that she had been to a southern border city since being named as President Joe Biden’s border czar.

Previously, Harris was criticized during an interview conducted during her trip to Guatemala after she said “I haven’t been to Europe” either when responding to why she hadn’t been to the border yet.

U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was ruthlessly critical of Harris’ visit yesterday, saying that she didn’t actually go to the border itself while on the visit.

While Harris toured a Customs and Border Patrol processing center, met with a group of unaccompanied children, visited a port of entry, and met with local community and faith advocates, many Republican elected officials have taken tours of the border itself and even observed illegal immigrants attempting to gain entry.

In one tweet yesterday, Boebert asked “What do you call a trip to visit the border without visiting the border?”

Boebert followed that up with a tweet that Congressional candidate Lavern Spicer labeled as a “candidate for tweet of the year.”

“Calling Kamala’s visit to El Paso a visit to the Southern Border is the equivalent of going to Olive Garden and saying you’ve been to Italy,” Boebert deadpannedd.

Today, Boebert shared a video of Harris insisting that she had previously been to the border when a reporter mentioned that it was her first time at the border, to which he clarified that he meant since she was named the border czar.

Boebert referenced a previous video that she had made where she brought a cardboard cutout of Kamala Harris to a stretch of the border wall.

“Kamala, just for the sake of accuracy, the cardboard cutout visit doesn’t count as a visit, so this was your first visit as VP. It also doesn’t count since you didn’t go to the border,” Boebert lectured.

Boebert then expounded further on her previous Olive Garden-Italy comparison tweet and used herself as an example of what she meant.

“I visited the White House yesterday. Well, I actually didn’t but I was in Washington so by Kamala’s standards it counts,” Boebert explained.

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