Bongino Asks People to ‘Tattoo’ Graphic Image of Ambushed LA Sheriff’s Deputies Onto Their ‘Brain’

Earlier today, a graphic image of the two LA Sheriff’s Deputies was released to give people the full picture of what happened when they were both shot in the head.

Sean Hannity showed the picture on his show tonight and had Dan Bongino on as a guest. Bongino was outraged about the shooting and asked people to “tattoo” the image onto their “brain.”

Prior to going on the air with Hannity, he also shared a similar picture to his Twitter. The one originally shared just showed the female deputy bleeding from her jaw, but this one also showed the would to her partner.

Bongino said of the image, “Look at this. Stare at this. Don’t ever forget this. This is the result of a rotting culture where deranged lunatics tell our kids that the cops are the bad guys, and that the bad guys are the good guys. Something’s gotta give.”

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton retweeted Bongino and said, “God bless and heal these heroes and God protect the police.”

Bongino also criticized Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden for not coming “out today and giving a strong 20 minute speech about the need to fix this broken culture on the greatest country on earth and celebrate our men and women in law enforcement on a day when two of them were ambushed and shot in the face.

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