Border Crisis Reaches Tipping Point as Illegal Immigrants Start Hiding in Residential Texas Neighborhoods and Yards

Bill Melugin continues reporting on the Biden Border Crisis. Many are awaiting a caravan of what could amount to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Haiti heading to the United States border.

Meanwhile, other illegal immigrants who continue to invade the nation have run out of places to go and are now flooding residential neighborhoods in Texas. This is just fine with the Biden administration as far as we know. Who knows how much danger this puts American children sleeping in their bedrooms, into.

We just don’t know how bad this can get, but when residential neighborhoods are affecting by a government-enabled crisis, outrage levels should be rising in our view. Melugin reports:

“A group of illegal immigrant runners are hiding in a residential neighborhood after they crossed into the U.S. illegally here in Penitas, TX this morning. Border Patrol is here catching them one by one. They’re hiding in yards & in between homes. Common here in RGV.”

Biden continues to ignore the immigration crisis, canceling wall contracts and flying illegal immigrants to the state of their choice on the American taxpayer dime. Many Americans voted for this though and will vote for it again in 2024 if they don’t wake up. Stay tuned for more.

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