Brennan Believes History Will be Written by the ‘Righteous’ and Not by Trump’s ‘Lickspittle’

Former CIA director John Brennan, while under investigation by AG Willam Barr and the DOJ continued today with his obsession of President Trump while trying to try to deflect blame from himself.

He said that he is “unsurprised” that the president “enjoys wallowing in his fetid self-indulgence.” He finds it “surreal” that there are so many other government officials that he believes encourage Trump’s “ignorance, incompetence, & destructive behavior.”

He finished by saying that he believes history will be written by the “righteous” and not by Trump’s “lickspittle.”

Michael Flynn’s brother retweeted Brennan’s tweet and he had a simple message for the former CIA director, “Screw you too Johnny boy!”

Brennan recently appeared on MSNBC to discuss the president in regards to the HHS whistleblower complaint. He lashed out at the DOJ, which he is “very concerned about, in terms of the political cancer that is seeping in at the highest level there.”

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