Burgess Owens Calls Out Liberals For Making ‘Uncle Tim’ Trend on Twitter After Tim Scott’s GOP Response Last Night

It was reported earlier that Twitter took enforcement action on this morning to block a racist trending topic that disparaged U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) after he delivered the GOP response to President Joe Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress.

The Blaze compiled a list of tweets from progressives using the phrase “Uncle Tim” which surfaced so many times on Twitter that it became a trend.

U.S. House Rep Burgess Owens (R-UT) shared his thoughts on the situation in a tweet where he said, “The same people who are making Uncle Tim trend are the same people accusing all conservatives of being racist.”

Prior to that tweet, Owens retweeted TPUSA’s Rob Smith, who mocked the left for their hypocrisy and said, “Tim Scott: ‘I believe in the American dream and the future of a unified America.’ The Left: ‘Shut up, Uncle Tom!'”

Not all conservatives were thrilled with Scott’s speech, however, such as TV show host Jesse Lee Peterson who said, in a tweet that he “wouldn’t vote for @SenatorTimScott if he and I were the last 2 people on earth! I’d just fend for myself. BETA!”

Peterson added, “@SenatorTimScott is NOT a conservative, he’s a RINO! If @GOP keeps pushing these weak Republicans under the guise of diversity they’re no better than Democrats. I’m not accepting this watered-down version of a conservative. How did we go from Trump to Tim Scott?? What da!”

Former Vice President Mike Pence applauded the speech in a tweet and said, “Congratulations and Thank You to @SenatorTimScott for a strong, honest, and truly inspiring GOP Response last night! He took the case for our Conservative philosophy straight to the American people and did an Outstanding Job!”

Scott quote tweeted Pence’s tweet and thanked him.