Candace Owens Decries ‘Segregation’ in Sports, Suggests UFC is the Only ‘Real’ One Left ‘Worth Watching’

Conservative firebrand Candace Owens didn’t mince words on a recent episode of her show where she decried the “segregation” in sports and suggested that the UFC is the only “real” one left and in a tweet today, she added that it was the only one “worth watching.”

In a clip that she shared on YouTube, Owens was asked, “The NFL will play ‘Lift every voice and sing’, which is labeled the ‘Black National Anthem’, and the Star Spangled Banner before every football game this season. Does America need a new national anthem?”

Owens responded, “No, what America needs is a new favorite pastime, as it should no longer be football or any sport that endorses segregation.”

The audience behind her responded by applauding and then Owens continued, “Might I suggest the UFC. Which is exploding right now and it’s because they do not get involved in politics. They are not woke and they do not bend the knee.”

Referencing UFC president Dana White, Owens noted, “We’ve had him on this show, I’m a big fan of the UFC. I think it’s the only real sport left. It’s just such a sad, sad circumstance that we are in when you are quite literally claiming to be fighting racism while at the same time introducing segregation.”

Mediaite noted that White has preached political apathy for his sport, but the bombastic UFC president didn’t hide his views when he touted former President Donald Trump at the Republican national convention in 2016 and 2020.

“There is not such a thing as a black national anthem versus a white national anthem, that is exactly what my black ancestors fought to put an end to,” Owens continued.

Owens concluded, “It’s just so sad to see Jim Crow slip into this country again under the guise of progressivism. So I say, no we don’t need a national anthem, but we need a new sport. Do not watch it.”

In the tweet where she also shared the Mediaite article, Owens explained, “Only sport worth watching now is MMA. Woke corporatism ruined everything else.”

White recently appeared on Fox News to discuss how his sport has remain successful during the pandemic and he said that he spoke with former President Trump prior to returning to action last May.