Candace Owens Wants to Help Brittney Griner, ‘Situation is Positively Heartbreaking’

Candace Owens shared on Twitter today what she thinks of the Brittney Griner situation.

Owens sees Griner’s situation as one that is a casualty of what she calls an “unnecessary war”. Owens also shared that she wants to do everything she can to help her.

Griner travel to Russia to play on a basketball team there, while the WNBA was in its offseason. Griner had packed cannabis products in her luggage she was detained before she ever left the Russian airport.

Griner was then held in a Russian and awaited a trial. She was sentenced to 9 years in prison at the end of her trial which was appealed and then upheld.

It was recently reported that she was moved to a Female Penal Colony IK-2 in the town of Yavas which is 300 miles south of Moscow.

The Biden Administration has made a point that they are trying to work on a trade deal in order to secure Griner’s release, as far as we are aware they haven’t made any progress.

Owens full tweet can be seen below:

“The Brittney Griner situation is positively heartbreaking. I would like to do everything within my limited capacity to help her. Yes, she did something dumb but her punishment amounts to an unnecessary casualty of this unnecessary war. She has nothing to do with anything.


  1. I think Candace Owens is great. As to Brittney Griner, I really have a hard time giving a spit. She’s an American hating parasite who worked in Russia while fully aware of their laws. Maybe she’ll appreciate a freedom loving country a bit more when she’s gone nine years eating gruel and breaking rocks.

  2. Let her rot. The woman KNOWINGLY brought illegal drugs into the country.

  3. Meh~ let the America-hater learn to love Russia’s justice system. Owens, though I generally agree with her, is all wrong on this one. Do we Americans consider the penalty too steep? Sure, but we have our laws and Russia has theirs. Griner’s greatest crime was to nonchalantly disrespect the laws in a foreign land. She bought the ticket, she gets the ride. I’m all out of pity for globalist toadies – even the ignorant ones. This will be a great opportunity for her to learn how the world works.

  4. Can we please stop calling him “Brittney”? Obvious dude.

    1. I understand you are thinking that after seeing all those trans dudes winning all prices and scholarships

      But she just is that guiness book of record big.

  5. Look at it this way, Candace: he wanted to get off drugs, and now he’s clean and sober for 9 years.

  6. Being in that work program is probably the first time this anti-American woman has ever done any hard work in her life. Candace Owens you’ve become a Democrat. I knew you couldn’t be trusted.

  7. Did she knowingly transport drugs in a country that would jail her for it? Answer: Yes. Let her do the time. She is not better than any other drug smuggling thug..

  8. Smuggles drugs into a hostile, repressive country during a time when tensions between them and her country are at an all-time high. Then lies about it. On top of that, has a history of trashing her own country. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  9. Candace, she knew the consequences, you seemed to good to be true and you are. so i did not hear anything about the rest of the prisoners there?

  10. Can someone please post a link to Owens’ public comments and/or posts regarding the Jan 6th prisoners (political hostages) and her efforts to bring needed attention and resolution to their heartbreaking situation as well?

  11. (Comment from 11/18/22 removed for references to 1/6/21)

  12. Grinder has trashed America in interviews. She doesn’t like America so let her rot in a Russian jail.

  13. It broke Russian law by bringing contraband into the country. It had a trial and obviously its defense was not up to muster. Owens is way off base here. It does not need to come back to America.

  14. Arrogant American Hating man errrrr i mean woman Goes to another country proceeds to break the other countries law then cries to America the racist country she/he hates for help..
    As a professional athlete and supposed leader maybe she learn to follow laws..

  15. Candice Owens has just shown her first liberal undoing….

    I knew she was too good to be real.

  16. Griner professed hatred for America. We need help with jailed January 6th patriots.

  17. Always suspected Candace Owen’s was a grifter. There is a U.S. diplomat in jail in Russia for a similar offense. Hmmm, why no heartbreaking for that white guy?

  18. Someone got to Candace to make her believe what most conservatives do right before their fall from grace. Liberals will NEVER treat you the way you deserve to be treated after you befriend them Candace. Don’t fall for it.

  19. candice, whatever you’re having done to your face…botox, lip augment?…is a positively heartbreaking situation.
    very distracting from a voice that usually seems reasonable

  20. Griner is guy. Stop the lies.

  21. Instead, how about directing some of that empathy and compassion for our own political J6 prisoners who are undeserving of their treatment and sentences?

  22. Why do they always support lawbreakers?

  23. No problem. I’m sure Putin would return her immediately if Ukraine surrendered. Is that goofball Zelensky ready to surrender?

  24. How about the same concern forvthe J6 prisoners, Candace?

  25. Can’t really support you on this on Ms Owens. Griner knew what she was doing and doing it in a foreign country. Our liberal rules and laws don’t apply every where.
    I’m certain if you look, there are many other Americans in foreign jails that would be better candidates to help.

  26. Candace can do as she wants. None of it is my affair.

    Russian prisons are in some ways are probably safer than many in the USA

  27. He/she/it knowingly broke their laws. No sympathy for He/she/it. That is the problem now, no consequences for stupid actions.

  28. If President Trump were not in exile, he would’ve brought Brittany home months ago.

  29. I’m curious; I wonder if she’s care so much if she was white.

  30. Candace, Griner spouted her hatred of the US prior to her committing a crime in Russia. She made her views quite clear. Find someone else to help, someone who hasn’t blamed the country for her unhappiness. My hope is she is having a great time somewhere in Siberia where potatoes are her main source of food. After digging in the mine all day maybe she can find a pickup game in camp!

  31. That knucklehead who hates her country now wishes she was back in it? Shocking. Let her stay where she is and get her fill of communism.

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