Cavuto Refutes Trump After He Admits to Taking Hydroxychloroquine to Prevent Coronavirus

President Trump said today at a press conference that he is taking the anti-malaria drug, Hydroxychloroquine to prevent Coronavirus. This announcement was met with shock by Neil Cavuto on Fox News as he was on the air following the end of the briefing.

Cavuto read from some studies that had been given on the drug and said, “If you are in a risky population here, and you are taking this as a preventative treatment … it will kill you. I cannot stress enough. This will kill you.”

There has been evidence though that the drug can be helpful. Democrat Michigan state rep Karen Whitsett said that it saved her life last month and met with Trump. She has stood by her belief in what happened and has still been working with the president.

A Staten Island man said that he also believed the drug saved his life last month. “I couldn’t breathe, so I did what I had to and that included taking the hydroxychoroquine,” Carmelo Saia said “(The hydroxychoroquine) definitely kept me alive and I think anybody with the virus should take the drug. It helped me.”

Last August, Cavuto had harsh words for Trump as well, saying “We don’t work for you. I’m the not one who said tariffs are a wonderful thing, you are. Just like I’m the not one who said Mexico would pay for the wall, you did. Just like I’m not the one who claimed Russia didn’t meddle in the 2016 election, you did.”

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