Charlie Daniels Suggests Minneapolis ‘Learn the Hard Way’ and First Give The Police ‘A Week Off With Pay’

Police supporter Charlie Daniels has been vocal recently after many on the left have been lashing out at police following the death of George Floyd, tweeting out “Pray for the blue” daily.

After hearing that Minneapolis planned to defund the police, he suggested that they “learn the hard way” and first give their “policemen a week off with pay.”

Before you take the big plunge why don’t you people in Minneapolis just give your policemen a week off with pay
Learn the hard way

US House rep Ilhan Omar was the latest to suggest that the department should be defunded. In a speech, she said that they need to “divest in the police” and “dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.”

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to make cuts only to the NYC police department but would not give a commitment to how much money that would be.

Daniels responded to that situation and asked, “Can you imagine New York City without one police officer on the street?” He answered his own question by saying, “neither can De Blasio, I don’t care what he says, even he is not that insane.”

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