Chip Roy Nominates Jim Jordan For the Third Round of House Speaker Voting As Byron Donalds Flips Vote

Prior to the third round of voting for the House Speaker, U.S. House Rep Chip Roy (R-TX) nominated Jim Jordan (R-OH).

The move from Roy came after U.S. House Rep Steve Scalise (R-LA) nominated U.S. House Rep Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Scalise’s nomination of McCarthy comes after Jordan nominated him the round before and U.S. House Rep Elise Stefanik (R-NY) in the first round.

Roy said that he was happy to see all of the Congressmembers in the chambers and for them to be debating.

In a tweet prior to the nomination, Roy declared, “Americans are sick & tired of the swamp and sent us here to change it — not to embrace the status quo.”

“Our demands are simple: we want the tools to put a check the swamp — in committees, in the rules committee, & the floor — & the leadership willing to do it. #StandUpForAmerica,” Roy added.

Democrats remained united around U.S. House Rep Hakeem Jefferies (D-NY), nominating him for the third time.

U.S. House Rep Byron Donalds (R-FL), who has supported McCarthy, told CNN’s Jake Tapper of Jordan, “Jim would be a great speaker.”

“I’m not saying anything against him. I’m open to whoever can close the deal. That’s where we are,” Donalds explained.

Donalds ended up flipping his vote and voting for Jordan in the third round.


  1. Chip Roy is spot on. Chip Roy for Speaker!

  2. If Mickey loses, I bet it’s 50-50 he’d switch parties. Damn grifter

  3. Anybody but another RINO as a leader. I’m sure tired of the “Macs” in both houses.

  4. Keep forcing the vote. Either Mac walks out or, more and more vote Jordan. Let’s end the surrender caucus. If you don’t like Trump, think of the this. If the Republicans had been tougher all along, there may have been no reason for Trump to run. His voter support makes it clear what voters want. No more Romneys and McCains.

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