Chris Wallace: Why Not Build a Wall?, Mayorkas Implies Illegal Crossings by Refugees is One of America’s Proudest Traditions

Joe Biden’s DHS Secretary made a shocking confession. He believes that allowing people to seek refuge in the United States, even by way of illegally crossing the border before anyone knows if they have a rightful asylum claim, is “one of America’s proudest traditions”.

Even the Trump-hating normally left-leaning Chris Wallace from Fox News seemed confused. At one point Wallace asked why the DHS doesn’t use a wall or fence to fix the Biden Border Crisis. Mayorkas, crediting the Biden Harris regime’s policy:

“it is the policy of this administration. We do not agree with the building of the wall. The law provides that individuals can make a claim for humanitarian relief, that is actually one of our proudest traditions.”


Despite the Supreme Court recently ruling in favor of Trump’s remain in Mexico policy, the Biden regime’s lawless behavior shows that they don’t respect even the highest court in the land. It’s unclear if these policies will change anytime soon, despite the outrage across the United States.

It appears that of the 15,000 or so Haitians who had gathered under a bridge in Del Rio, TX, 12,000 have been let into the United States. So even though leftists were outraged that some of them were sent back to Haiti, the vast majority of them weren’t, but it’s never good enough for the left until they have completely changed the demographic makeup of the nation to the point where it’s barely recognizable from what it was just a few decades ago.

Bill Melugin recently tweeted:

“Mayorkas admits that 12,000+ Haitian illegal immigrants were released into the US from Del Rio. They were not subject to any vaccine or testing mandates. They were not tested before release. Haiti has a vax rate of less than 1%. Mass catch & release continues under Biden admin.”

Although Republicans are now in the minority, they could be much more active and outraged as they are, but many are beholden to special interests like big ag, AIPAC, and others who pressure them to take a soft stance on mass immigration that the United States just can’t handle and remain a cohesive nation.

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