CNN’s Jim Acosta Latest to Unironically Attack Fox News, Suggests They’ve Been ‘Busted’ on Their ‘Bullsh*t’ Over Jan. 6 Meadows Text Message Reveal

We reported earlier this week that as CNN continues to crumble as a news outlet, having just lost their primetime attraction, Chris Cuomo, due to a scandal, they held a roundtable on Monday night where Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, and S.E. Cupp trashed Fox News.

It was Jim Acosta’s turn today to step up to the plate with the Fox News bashing, parroting the same talking points that were used in that roundtable discussion.

In a clip, Acosta insisted, “But what’s even more disgusting is that Fox News hosts Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, they’ve been caught red handed acting like North Korean state television, lying to their viewers about what happened that day.”

Acosta continued, “Covering up the misdeeds of a wannabe dictator, blaming Antifa sympathizers for January 6th and downplaying the violence in the days that followed.”

“Guys, you’ve been busted on your bullsh*t, on your betrayal,” Acosta declared.

The rant by Acosta led some to suggest that he should replace Cuomo in the primetime daily slot, although it is unclear if that is a role that he is seeking.

While we don’t necessarily believe that Fox News is worth defending, it is rich that CNN is attempted to deflect from their own controversies by pointing the finger.

The text messages didn’t necessarily reveal anything nefarious at the end of the day and actually show that they sending a message that they certainly weren’t endorsing an “insurrection.”

That certainly differs from the message that CNN delivered during the Black Lives Matter riots last summer, especially in Kenohsha, WI where they reported on “fiery, but mostly peaceful protests.”