Colorado Springs PD Allows Protest in Residential Area, Tells People to Shelter in Their Homes

In the wake of the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, riots, protests, vandalism, looting, and destruction have tragically swept the nation. Most red-blooded Americans should have long since gotten the message that alleged police brutality is not acceptable, but that isn’t slowing down the perceived tyranny.

Tyranny because the law enforcement higher-ups in many cases allow protests to go on in capacities that should never happen, in our belief. We aren’t lawyers here at Media Right News and don’t claim to know every law, not even the ones cited by the Colorado Springs Police department.

We do know one thing, Americans in their homes in residential neighborhoods should be able to live in peace. If that peace is disrupted, it should be the job of the local police to do everything in their power to fix the situation, especially considering that the real estate owners often fund the police officer’s salaries, and probably much more so than any BLM, Antifa or other protesters in our view.

This peace they have a right to is not being granted in Colorado Springs tonight. Michelle Malkin, a conservative pundit, is demanding the Colorado Springs PD arrest the people encroaching on people’s streets tonight, and it appears to be falling on deaf ears. It seems as though the only thing the police there are concerned with is whether or not the roads are being blocked, and they aren’t even seeming to do a good job of preventing that from happening.

We reached out to the non-emergency Colorado Springs PD, and they did not give us a statement. We were given the public affairs phone number which led us to a voicemail. We asked if they have the legal authority to stop protests in residential zones, and if so, why won’t they.

We have not received a call back yet as of now. The tweets below pretty much speak for themselves, and this can happen anywhere in America if it’s happening in Colorado Springs. This is not Portland, OR folks, (not that that’s ok either). You be the judge of what’s happening. Malkin tweeted one of the official tweets from the CSPD:

“ARREST THEM. STOP #anarchotyranny in Colorado NOW!” See tweets:

We can only imagine how the families and likely young children must feel. Especially after being told to simply stay in their homes by their own police department: “An official message has been sent to residences in the area of the 6000 block of Pulpit Rock Drive to shelter in place due to the civil disturbance/protest. This message is to keep community members informed and safe.” Said one of the CSPD tweets.

Some local news reporters tried to downplay the event by proudly exclaiming on Twitter that protesters are allowing cars through. Wow, should they get a cookie for that? In some of the videos below, there appear to be some very tense moments that make it look like it wasn’t just cars being easily ‘let through’ though. Take it for what you will…

At least one resident appears to support the likely ‘Black Lives Matters’ and/or Antifa protesters, or perhaps he just doesn’t want his house burned down, it’s hard to say for sure… One person, who we can’t verify for sure is a local resident, actually tweeted, “don’t burn my house down please”. It appears some of the protesters were heavily armed.

It may be wise to contact your local authorities to ask what their policies are on how they manage situations like this. This story is only told not to alarm, but to inform, and done so in the lens of no legal expertise and our opinions only. We will update if we get a response from the CSPD. Malkin also added recently that she believes, and with citations, that laws ARE being broken including “targeted picketing”. See below: