Crowd Erupts Chanting USA as Donald Trump Enters Las Vegas Arena to Watch UFC Fight

Last night at UFC 264 in Las Vegas, many celebrities were in attendance former President Donald Trump included. None of the other celebrities or fighters were met with the enthusiasm the former president was.

The Crowd stood upon his entrance and chants of U-S-A could be heard throughout the arena. The video below captures his arrival from different angles. It appears he is escorted to his seat by the president of UFC Dana White.

Trump smiles and waves to the crowd as he makes his way to his seats near the ring.

Twitter users shared the amazing welcome the president received at UFC 264.

Coyote Outlaw shared, “What fake news MSM doesn’t want you to see: President Trump gets a standing ovation at the UFC fight in Vegas”.

Shalom Vinod shares a picture of Trump and a fan from UFC 264.

“Donald trump is at UFC and is hanging out with nelk gnnn HAHAHHAHA “

The Post Millennial shared a video of Trump’s entrance into the arena and points out in another tweet Trump is hard to miss with his trademark tie.

“The crowd chants USA as Former President Donald Trump makes an appearance at UFC 264 in Las Vegas.”

“Donald Trump stands out in the crowd at UFC 264 with his trademark red tie.”

Trump recently restarted his rallies since leaving office. He has held head one in Florida and Ohio as well. RSBN which has followed Trump since 2015 broadcasting his rallies had recent videos of Trump removed from YouTube and the channel was not allowed to go live for one week. This the night before the Trump rally in Florida.

Trump recently announced he would be suing Google, Facebook and Twitter we reported:

“Former President Trump just held a press conference announcing that he will be suing Facebook, Twitter, and Google in a class action. He is also planning on suing Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Sundar Pichai. RSBN claimed they had around 200,000 viewers as they broadcast the stream with Trump’s press conference on Twitter and elsewhere. RSBN has faced censorship for their Trump coverage lately.”

The nation is still waiting for Trump to declare if he will be running again in 2024. Trump has said he has his mind made up but hasn’t shared with us what his decision will be. Many are hoping that he decides to run again as much needs to be done to Make America Great Again.