David Valadao Just Flipped a 13th US House Seat to GOP in California to Pelosi’s Dismay

Not good for Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: David Valadao just flipped a US House seat in California from blue to red. Life News reported:

“BREAKING: Republican David Valadao wins election to U.S. House in California’s 21st Congressional District, beating incumbent pro-abortion Democrat Rep. T.J. Cox.”

Meanwhile the GOP continues to try to make the case that with all these Republican wins, their allegation of voter fraud in the presidential election should have more merit. It’s an uphill battle indeed for President Trump and the GOP to continue making their case as the time for Joe Biden’s planned inauguration draws near.

Nevertheless, Trump has not conceded, and in many ways such as with Valadao, the GOP has the wind at its back. With two major runoffs in GA that will decide the fate of the Senate, the Democrats’ plans to radically change the country with swiftness may be put off for some time longer depending on the next few weeks.

Life News also reported:

Republicans have now flipped 13 House seats out of Nancy Pelosi’s column.

AP also reported the late breaking win for the GOP:

Although California is a solidly blue state, it seems people are getting sick of the high taxes and restrictive Democrat policies in certain areas, and this could mark a continuation of that if seats continue to flip.

Pelosi was able to keep her House Speakership for now, but clearly, she has not been performing well for the divided Democrat party and will continue to face pressure from both the moderates and radicals in her own ranks. California is also Pelosi’s home state.