President Trump’s Legal Team Plans to Appeal Pennsylvania Decision to Supreme Court

Recently it was reported that a federal appeals court in Philadelphia rejected President Trump’s latest court challenge in Pennsylvania to the presidential election. It initially came as bad news for President Trump and more good news for Joe Biden and the Democrat team.

Nevertheless, it was unsure if Trump’s legal team had the wherewithal to follow this with an appeal to the Supreme Court, although it was reported that the way had been paved for them to do just that on the news. Now it has been confirmed according to Breaking911 that Trump’s team will do just that.

They plan to take their case all the way to the Supreme Court, where Republicans have a majority. It would be reportable that Republicans have a large majority even, except for the fact that Justice John Roberts has been siding with the left a lot as of late. Nevertheless, Alito, Barrett, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Thomas are thought of as favorable to President Trump.

Although it’s a Hail Mary to try to overturn election results, if enough evidence of fraud can be shown to the Supreme Court, one might be led to believe that anything can happen. It’s also never been a wise thing to bet against President Trump.

“BREAKING UPDATE: Trump legal team says they will appeal decision and take the case to the United States Supreme Court”