Dem Rep Claims Trump is ‘Starting to Lose His Influence’ Due to His Endorsed Candidate’s Primary Defeat in the Nebraska Gov. Primary

Trump-endorsed Charles Herbster came in second yesterday in the Nebraska gubernatorial primary, which has led many on the left including mainstream media outlets to react with glee.

One such reaction came from U.S. House Rep Ted Lieu (D-CA), who claimed in a tweet that Trump is losing his “influence” following the defeat.

Election expert Dave Wasserman tweeted just after the polls closed last night that “On the other hand, Trump-endorsed Charles Herbster (R) is on track to lose the #NEGOV GOP primary badly.”

That tweet came after it became clear that Trump-endorsed Alex Mooney was going to win the Second Congressional District West Virginia primary.

Lieu then suggested in a quote tweet of Wasserman, “The former President is already starting to lose his influence after less than a year and a half out of office.”

“His endorsed candidate, Charles Herbster, lost the #NEGov GOP primary,” Lieu explained.

Lieu then wondered, “Do you think the former President is going to lie again and say the election was rigged?”

While it is clear that Trump supporters feel like it is important to get the right candidate selected in these elections, every time a Trump-endorsed candidate loses, the left is able to celebrate and make these sorts of claims.

Time will tell if the victor in the primary last night will ultimately end up embracing Trump and if he does, that may take away some of the sting.

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