Ilhan Omar Finds it a ‘Little Hard’ to Take Concern ‘Seriously’ About Protests Outside the Homes of SCOTUS Justices Due to a Previous Ruling Allowing Protests Outside Homes of Abortion Doctors

U.S. House Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) weighed in yesterday about the protests that have been taking place outside of the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices since the leaked draft on overturning Roe vs Wade.

Omar said in a tweet that it was “a little hard” for her to take the concern “seriously” given a previous ruling.

“It is a little hard for me to take the hand-wringing about non-violent protests outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices seriously when the Supreme Court itself ruled protests outside the homes of *doctors who provide abortions* is protected by the 1st amendment,” Omar declared.

As we reported yesterday, a bill introduced last week granting security for the Justice’s families unanimously passed the Senate on Monday.

The bill, titled the Supreme Court Police Parity Act, would provide police protection to the immediate families of the nine justices and other officers of the court, if the “Marshal determines such protection is necessary.”

U.S. Sen John Cornyn (R-TX) and U.S. Sen Chris Coons (D-Del) introduced the bill, which will now go before the House of Representatives.

It will be interesting to see whether Omar and fellow members of “The Squad” end up voting for the bill or not.

In a statement, Cornyn said that “Threats to the physical safety of Supreme Court Justices and their families are disgraceful and attempts to intimidate and influence the independence of our judiciary cannot be tolerated.”

Joy Reid’s blogger, Ja’han Jones, however, declared that the bill is “an embarrassment for all involved, and Democrats in particular should be ashamed.”

Jones claimed that it is an obvious “Republican deflection attempt” which has “evolved into actual policy, thanks in large part to Democrats.”

Coons attempted to spin the bill as an “unfortunate necessity” needed to respond to “extremes on both sides of the political spectrum.”

“Millions of Americans who tuned into … Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing couldn’t miss seeing her husband and daughter on national TV. If the families of Supreme Court justices have the same profile and exposure as the highest-ranking officials in our government, they deserve the same level of protection,” Coons claimed.

It seems pretty clear, however, that Jackson’s confirmation had nothing to do with why the bill ultimately ended up passing.

A video from a march to and protest outside of Justice Samuel Alito’s house showed “Masked protesters in black try to hide their identities.”

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