Dem State Rep Who Accused Police Officer of Racial Profiling Asked to Resign by MN Gov for ‘History of Abuse Against Women’

Last week, police in Minnesota released bodycam video of the traffic stop involving Democratic state Rep. John Thompson, which appeared to cast doubt on his accusations of racial profiling.

With the spotlight now on Thompson, things have gone south for him, as reports have now surfaced that he was the subject of past domestic violence allegations.

Minnesota’s Democratic Gov. Tim Walz was among several top Democratic officials who have now called for Thompson’s resignation.

“The alleged acts of violence against multiple women outlined in these reports are serious and deeply disturbing,” Walz said in a statement.

Walz continued, “Minnesotans deserve representatives of the highest moral character, who uphold our shared values.”

“Rep. Thompson can no longer effectively be that leader and he should immediately resign,” Walz concluded.

There is also an issue with the fact that Thompson had a Wisconsin, rather than a Minnesota license and it was reported that his MN license was suspended in 2019 when he failed to pay child support in Ramsey County.

Storm chaser Doug Kiesling asked Walz in a response to his tweet containing the statement, “If Wisconsin Drivers Licenses are only issued to Wisconsin Residents, how could he even serve in the Minnesota House?”

Kiesling then called for “A full investigation of everyone serving in the State of Minnesota House & Senate of their legal residency status! #VoterID would stoped this.”

Thompson also apologized last year after he led a group of Black Lives Matter protesters outside the home of Minneapolis Police Federation President Bob Kroll, when he was a candidate.

“Come on over here with your ‘Blue Lives Matter’ sign. Blue live ain’t s—, and if people in Hugo don’t support black people, f— Hugo,” Thompson said at the protest.

In his apology, Thompson claimed that he wanted to make a “positive difference” and that his comments at the protest were “not helpful.”