Fairfax County NAACP Board Member Resigns from Virginia PTA after ‘Let Them Die’ Speech

Fairfax County NAACP board member Michelle Leete has resigned from her position as the Virginia PTA Vice President of Training after a video showed her using the words “Let them die” while giving a speech against opponents to Critical Race Theory.

Leete has attempted to insist that she meant that ideals that are against her agenda should be what dies, rather than the people who hold them.

However, the video shows that she literally said the word people, prior to her use of the words “Let them die” after listing out all the things that she believes they are “anti.”

From CNN:

Leete provided a copy of her speech to The Washington Post on Friday which read “Let them (ideals) die,” according to the paper. According to the Post, Leete said that her “Let them die” comment referred to “the ideals that show a disregard and lack of support for our teachers who have a truly difficult job to do even without a pandemic.”

Independent journalist Asra Q. Nomani tweeted out the video originally and said in the tweet, “‘Let them die,’ says @FairfaxNAACP leader Michelle Leete at protest before @fcpsnews board. Folks against critical race theory are here, with protestors including Leete opposing them.”

After Leete said those words in the speech, the crowd that is gathered around her can be seen breaking out in applause.

Nomani has also done some additional research since then in regards to who was in that crowd and released her findings today.

“Many asked me who is clapping when Michelle Leete says, ‘Let them die!’ about folks with different viewpoints. In my work as an independent journalist, I investigated. My findings: [Fairfax Democrats] organized the protest. Its chair [Brian Graham] applauds,” Nomani explained

Nomani added in a subsequent tweet, “What the video illustrates is the many that @FairfaxDems rallied for the protest, present when “Let them die!” was said.”