Dem US Senator from MA: SCOTUS Nomination a Sham, ‘We Must Expand the Supreme Court’, GOP Challenger Fires Back

Amy Coney Barrett is likely to be confirmed to the Supreme Court today and the left is furious. One Democrat US Senator, Ed Markey is throwing a fit and demanding that the Supreme Court be expanded because of it.

“Mitch McConnell and the GOP have steamrolled through an illegitimate Supreme Court nomination in less than two weeks. They are hypocrites. This process is a sham.” he says in a tweet on his official handle.

He then went on to his personal handle and tweeted a demand that we expand the Supreme Court:

His GOP challenger Kevin O’Connor fired back in no uncertain terms:

Ed Markey’s tweets are alarmist, radical messages that are out of touch with the American people. Words matter. This is why the state’s largest police union asked him resign. His messages are extreme, reckless, and dangerous.” See tweet:

Another US Senate Candidate, GOP nominee Lauren Witzke from Delaware taunted Markey as well, saying: “No. And we’re filling Breyer’s seat next just for the record.” See tweet:

This just goes to show that the Democrats will do anything to keep power no matter what, in our view, and Republican voters will want to send a message in this election if they want to keep the sanctity of the court for years to come.