‘Democracy Dies in Dumbness’ Bill Maher Rewords Washington Post Slogan After ‘Self-Inflicted’ Twitter Debacle

HBO’s Bill Maher reworded the Washington Post slogan last night during his show after the newspaper’s “self-inflicted” Twitter debacle.

Instead of “Democracy dies in darkness,” Maher declared that “Democracy dies in dumbness” should be their slogan instead.

Maher called out the Washington Post for being an “unlicensed daycare center that is today’s newsroom for going apesh*t” over a retweet from one of its reporters.

“If you missed it, the Washington Post recently got embroiled in a self-inflicted sh*tstorm when one of their best reporters David Weigel retweeted, not tweeted, retweeted this joke: ‘Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it’s polar or sexual.’ The comedian who actually wrote the tweet called it a banal, throwaway joke, which is exactly what it is- throw away, as if you don’t like it, throw it away,” Maher explained.

After explaining what happened from there and offering where he thinks things are heading, Maher concluded, “If there is a silver lining to this story, it’s that eventually, the Post did fire Felicia Sonmez, so maybe there is a line that’s just too much nonsense, but that generation needs to move that line much closer to sanity and find it much sooner because democracy dies in dumbness.”

Maher flashed a graphic on the screen that showed their slogan and then replaced it with his alternate version.

We previously detailed the events that occurred in regards to the Washington Post drama, which as Maher pointed out, led to Sonmez being fired.

Liberals reacted to Maher like “Jonathan Jewel” who responded, “Today’s Bill Maher would have absolutely been hated by the Bill Maher of 5 years ago.”

“I also hate today’s Bill Maher and don’t watch Real Time when it used to be my Friday night ritual,” he lamented.

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