Democrat Mayor Pro-Tem of Eagle Pass Texas Supports TX Gov Abbott Busing Illegal Immigrants Up North

Yolanda Ramon, Democrat Mayor Pro-Temp of Eagle Pass, Texas, shared she supports what Texas Governor Greg Abbott is doing with illegal immigrants. She backs the governor’s decision to bus illegal immigrants to liberal sanctuary cities.

Ramon told Fox News the illegal immigrants she has met and talked to want to get further away from the border and want help doing so.

Their ignorance of how far other cities are from Eagle Pass is why they become so welcoming of free transportation to northern cities.

Ramon shared, “I can tell you one thing, they’re not being lied to. You run into them at the gas station, they’ll tell you I just want to go somewhere. I just want to go further up north.”

“They don’t even know where they’re at sometimes. They’ll ask how far is San Antonio? How far is Houston? How far is New York?” she added.

Texas, Florida, and Arizona have sent illegal immigrants to northern liberal sanctuary areas.

Abbott has bused illegal migrants to Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C., to bring light to the problem at the southern border.

Close to 11,000 illegal immigrants have been bused to New York City from Texas. This small amount of the total who have crossed the border has sent New York Cities’ shelter system into a panic. The mayor of New York City Eric Adams (D) is looking at hosting the illegal immigrants on a cruise ship.

The mainstream media virtually ignored the invasion at the southern border until Florida Governor Ron DeSantis set 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. This had the left in an uproar about the migration of the illegal immigrants to the liberal haven.

Those who were flown to the island were quickly removed from the island, even though it professes to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, as they just didn’t have room.

There is quite a disconnect between those at the border and those thousands of miles away.

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